About Scitech

The Center was constructed on a 21,700 square meters land. The land is located on the North Corniche Road in Al-Khobar. And it is very attractive for tourists in the eastern province which is helping to publicize the center and attract visitors. The site at the eastern side of the Arabian gulf with its fascinating view had inspired the architectural concept of the project.

Disseminate the principles of science and technical innovations by presenting them in new and interesting methods for members of the community, especially the youth in order to expand their horizons and to encourage their scientific interest in the areas of science and technology to be able to keep up with the development of science and technology, and to become qualified for developing themselves and their country to distinct levels.

  1. Broaden the scientific and cultural horizon of visitors in the areas of science and technology.
  2. Simplify the ideas and scientific topics and make it interesting and enjoyable for all
  3. Development of the curiosity, reading and exploration in the areas of science
  4. Help visitors to develop ways of thinking and scientific analysis and make it something natural in their lives.
  5. linking exhibit programs with the education curriculum in the kingdom
  6. Organizing temporary exhibitions in the fields of science and technology, such as science books, computers, communications and others
  7. Delivering center's message to the residents of remote areas by facilitating scientific convoys.